Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Orange CW daydress, spool 1

from dear Clementine

I wanted to write just a little on my first Civil War cotton day dress. The hook and eye's were a bit tricky so i got some pictures to help me along. Now i've seen a few different ways on how to do your hook and eyes and i have to say my way wasen't my favorite way. I'm finding that the hooks will pop out of the casing.
As you can see the hooks are actually attached of the lining which allows you not to put the thread on your fashion fabric...makes sense to me however if you don't anchor the hooks in tightly they'll slip out (which is my problem)
The finished look for the hooks.
My finished dress.

I've already planned out my next cw cotton day dress which i'll start working on towards the end of February. Its going to be the same style bodice but have small pagoda sleeves with trim on both bodice and sleeves. I'll post sketches as soon as i get them scanned.

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