Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ball Gown: almost done!

So I'm just a little ways away from being done with my ballgown that i've been working on. The only thing left for me to do is to attach my tiny white poofed sleeves to the sleeve covers. One night I was looking at my pillow and decided to try to see the creation all together. So i put my corset on my pillow, stood that up on the couch and dressed it and voila!
I did just finish the eyelets just last night which is a total of 19 little buggers. The skirt is pleated and DONE.

thank god.

one dress down.....two more to go.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing: Cordelia Thimble

Hello, period clothing enthusiasts! It's Charming Cordelia Thimble and I'm so delighted to be part of Threadbare.

Right now I'm working on an early 1860s wrapper, a garment similar to a housedress or robe that women wore as they were getting ready in the morning or during pregnancy. The wrapper is cut loosely with ties to accommodate an expanding silhouette. More on the construction to follow in my next post.

I've chosen a burgundy paisley cotton chintz with blue and greenish gold. The wrapper will have a V-neckline and pagoda sleeves.

I'm so excited to share its progress with you! Photos to come soon.

Charming Cordelia

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Silk Civil War Parasol

from dear Clementine

I purchased a plain black parasol from the Minooka reenactment I went to with the idea that I would recover it. I didn't like the look of the black because it looked so synthetic. So Becky and I got together this past weekend on a parasol recovering mission.

First I outlined one triangle from the top of my parasol. Next i cut out six panels from that pattern. I pined each together using the outside of my parasol as a guide, pinning each panel to the parasol so i could make sure it was nice and tight. After doing this I sewed it and fitted it, adjusting it as needed. I cut the excess with pinking sheers. For the lining i did the same as above making it a little smaller and folded the ends over the top and sewing all around. The additions on the top are six long rectangles that were folded around 2 in and ironed then loosly stitched on the top. I would recommend planning on cutting extra for the ends so you can wrap (at least the lining) around the edges to cover all the existing fabric.

I just finished my parasol yesterday and i'm really happy how it came out. I recovered the top in gold silk with trim and the inside is lined with a creame silk. I plan to cut down the handle because its a bit too long.
Photo of the bottom you can see how i let the top gold silk hang over like i've seen in many originals.

Top of parasol.

I truly feel i need to add that i bought Fiskars Pinking Sheers for this project and I would NEVER buy that brand of scissors again. They didn't cut well in fact they had a tendency to shred the fabric...............i ended up returning them.

2nd Regency Dress - part 1

from darling Winnifred

This past summer I purchased a beautiful corset from Period Corsets. It's the Alice 1880's corset. I bought it for the various reenactments that I plan to participate in, like civil war and regency. Although it's nearly 20 years post civil war (and 80 post regency), it offered the best support and gives a really great, universal silhouette.

The trouble was that once I put it on under my original regency dress, the dress didn't fit!!

SO!!! I get to make a new one! :D

My original thought was to get a simple white muslin (which was popular during the time as it was easily obtained from India and denoted your status as white was difficult to keep clean) and pair it with a cornflower (or midnight) blue.

I headed off to my favorite fabric store: The Warehouse! Where everything (no matter what the material) costs $3.49 a yard. Knowing their selection isn't always guaranteed, I wasn't sure I'd find what I was looking for. But I lucked out! What I found was ten times better. A really dense, high count white (I'm not sure what it is though, but I know it isn't muslin. It feels like my black H&M scarf.) and a lovely GREEN broadcloth!

What?! Green?! How'd that get in there!?

Yes, green! I was looking for my blues, but nothing looked good with the creamy white. Then I happened upon this springy grass green with a slight sheen and it was perfect! (But at 3.49/yd it was cheaper to just buy broadcloth at JoAnns)

I have completed the underdress and just need to hem it and add buttons. I haven't decided about sleeves because I'm making a robe to wear over it and figure sleeves would just be cumbersome. I guess I'll decide as I'm going along... More to come!!