Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ball Gown spool: one

from Clementine.

My newest project was my least expected project to start on. I'm working on a civil war ballgown that's made with a silk/taffeta material. The fashion fabric is a dark red windowpane pattern. There is emphasis on the stripes running horizontally (very fashionably civil war) and on the sleeves the stripes run diagonally. I designed my pattern off of the image below where i really liked the zigzag pattern. While working on the zigzag for the sleeves i altered it and really enjoy my end result. In the end I hope to do the same pattern on the skirt however this won't be happening for awhile, as doing the sleeves took me just about forever so i'd like a break before i attempt to do so on the skirt. I hope i'll have the skirt done for Greenfield Village's Civil War ball. I also plan to make a day dress bodice for this which will look more like the picture, although i might not be doing the pagoda sleeves, not sure yet.

I will be adding more green ribbon to the top of the "bertha" (white panel w/tucks) and champane bows along with ribbon in the white work that goes around the top of the bodice. All of the zigzags had to be done by hand which is why it took so long. Will be adding a white organza sleeve with cotton insert inside it to give it extra poof.

I'm about 70% done. Will have to gather skirt...which should be loads of fun.

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