Friday, April 24, 2009

1876 Combinations

I love the idea behind this, its a chemise and drawers all in one! So i tried first to make them on my own and then after 4 hours i bought the pattern. So this project and all other patterns are now put on hold for at least a week while i'm moving.

until later my friends.
-dear clementine-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brown Dress Completed

The dress is officially done! I put the trim on it this past Sunday and its ready to wear. I really do love the green paired with the brown. My belt will be a light blue which always looks good with brown. My biggest concern while doing a brown dress is making it not look drab. While at Greenfield Village all 4 years i had a brown dress with black trim, who would do such a thing? Black doesn't bring out any good quality in brown so why should the two ever be put together. If I can I would like to get a bright pink ribbon/belt to match the pink that is in the fabric but until then my light blue silk ribbon will have to do.

on to finish my ballgown.

-from dear clementine

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ballgown & Apron

I can't believe it but last night was the FIRST time i've tried my ballgown on since i made the cotton bodice lining.....and guess what IT FITS! I'm so excited and I'm so happy with how it came out. I'm working on putting little fabric flowers on the bertha but after i'm done with that it gets officially attached (its just pinned in the picture) and then i'm good to go! I also finished my brown cotton day dress all i need to do is the sleeves and attach the bodice to the skirt (easy) then i'm done. So since december i've made two dresses and last year that was the amount of time it took me to make one dress.

A couple things I would do differently next time:
incase the boning ( i just pray it never breaks cause if that happens i'm screwed)
line the over sleeves (make sleeve hole bigger)

umm thats all i can think of for now
another picture of the dress. This is another project I finished. I made a pinner apron with this lovely green fabric i got at The Dressmaker's Shop in Leslie, MI. I decided to pleate the fabric because I've started hating gauging because the thread always seems to break on me. I want an apron that i can wash and not worry about it falling apart.....needless to say i've regauged my current apron that fell apart and am praying it wont do that to me again or pleated it will be!

Anyways i'm happy with this one, plus i love the color.