Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Silk Civil War Parasol

from dear Clementine

I purchased a plain black parasol from the Minooka reenactment I went to with the idea that I would recover it. I didn't like the look of the black because it looked so synthetic. So Becky and I got together this past weekend on a parasol recovering mission.

First I outlined one triangle from the top of my parasol. Next i cut out six panels from that pattern. I pined each together using the outside of my parasol as a guide, pinning each panel to the parasol so i could make sure it was nice and tight. After doing this I sewed it and fitted it, adjusting it as needed. I cut the excess with pinking sheers. For the lining i did the same as above making it a little smaller and folded the ends over the top and sewing all around. The additions on the top are six long rectangles that were folded around 2 in and ironed then loosly stitched on the top. I would recommend planning on cutting extra for the ends so you can wrap (at least the lining) around the edges to cover all the existing fabric.

I just finished my parasol yesterday and i'm really happy how it came out. I recovered the top in gold silk with trim and the inside is lined with a creame silk. I plan to cut down the handle because its a bit too long.
Photo of the bottom you can see how i let the top gold silk hang over like i've seen in many originals.

Top of parasol.

I truly feel i need to add that i bought Fiskars Pinking Sheers for this project and I would NEVER buy that brand of scissors again. They didn't cut well in fact they had a tendency to shred the fabric...............i ended up returning them.

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